Anonymous asked:
Hey i luuuurv ur blog cuz it picks me up wen i fall down, but my questiion isnt rly fitness related but yesterday i cut myself for the first tym. Ive been feeling rly down lately because of school and my stupid maths teacher who talks to me like im dumb and blind, he literally did sign language. Ive told my parents about school but not about the cutting becuz i knw they wont take me serious. And where i live getting professional help isnt easy. Any advice wud be appreciated. Thanks

aw honey, don’t cut yourself. i know thats easier said than done. but thats a habit you don’t want to start. if its in the beginning stages right now, throw away the fucking blade and never consider than an option again. it gets better. there’s nothing good waiting for you in self harm, just a messy fucking habit that turns out doesn’t actually help at all, but just makes things worse.

what i need you to do right now is just fall in love with yourself. like kinda-verging-on-arrogant type of self love. next time your math teacher says something to you, stand up for yourself, talk back, tell him exactly what you think and that you won’t be treated that way. became a person that stands up for herself and is her own biggest fan. people treat you the way you show them you want to be treated. never let anyone walk over you. be nice to people, but make sure everyone knows that if you get stepped on you you will fight back. you belong to yourself. so love yourself. dont hurt yourself. walk through life believing that you are the bombest person to step foot on this earth (if you arne’t feeling it, just fake it till you believe it), because that is the only way to live life. thinking poorly of yourself isn’t modesty or humbleness, its self destruction.

you are too valuable of a person to cut yourself and hurt yourself like that. you’re too smart to be talked to like you’re blind and dumb. fuck them all and fall in love with yourself.